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Therapeutic Massage by Susan Chalker
17112 York Rd
Parkton, Hereford MD 21120
May you enjoy Peace, Love and Good Health this year!
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Aromatherapy 
and Healing Stone Combo

This is the favorite, for 75 or 90 minutes, to get the full body Swedish Massage and Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) that stimulates circulation and general relaxation throughout the body. Plus warm stones on the body to bring more relaxation and circulation to tight muscles. Included is deeper work on the back where everyone feels stressed. Add aromatherapy of your choice, and when getting off the table, most folks are somewhere between bliss and rejuvenation. 
Individualized Massage Sessions
​Susan uses a combination of techniques for an individualized session to meet your needs and preferences.  There is time to discuss and evaluate what might work best for you, and there is one price for each massage  length of extra fees for different types of bodywork. We keep it simple when we can! All massages can also be done with the Amethyst Biomat underneath, with gives off beneficial Far infrared rays and negative ions. It literally feels like soaking up sunshine from the table! (See below for more info.)

One session can include any of these:
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Lomi Lomi
Healing Stones, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Cupping Myofascial, Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage,and Stretching
Prenatal Massage

There few greater gifts to give a baby than a relaxed, and pain-free mom during gestation. Babies do absorb much from their surroundings during gestation, including stress hormones and emotions of mom. Nurturing touch for mom goes a long way in benefiting both of them!  Susan so appreciated the massage she received throughout each of her pregnancies. It makes such a difference, before and after.
Seated and Offsite/Home Massage

Offsite/Home massage is ideal for those who cannot or prefer not to travel.  Those experiencing restrictions due to aging or illness most definitely benefit from increased circulation and relaxation.  And often, simply a nurturing nonmedical touch can boost moral and endorphins and quality of living.

Rates are the same as on site massages, with the addition of $30 or more for travel.  Please inquire for more information.
Enjoy a discount when you buy multiple massages in advance.  You can share these massages with family and give them as gifts.  
When you take care of yourself in this way, it feels great!
Package Discounts 
10% off 3-5, 15% off 6 or more

         60 minutes        $85  
         75 minutes      $105
         90 minutes      $120
         45 minutes        $65    
         30 minutes        $45
         2 hours            $160

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Please feel free 
to contact Susan 
via phone (410-371-0109) 
or email ( to inquire about services or schedule an appointment or event.
Areas served include Parkton 21120, Freeland 21053, White Hall 21161, Monkton 21111, Sparks 21152, Manchester 21102, Upperco 21155, Phoenix 21131, Reisterstown 21136, Stewartstown.17363, Hampstead 21074,
Lymphatic Drainage Detox Massage 

This 75 to 90 minute massage helps support your body's immune system by supporting its detoxification through your skin and your gut. A heated castor oil application on your abdomen supports all your digestive organs. And gentle abdominal massage and foot reflexology support elimination.  

Gentle, relaxing lymphatic dry rub and massage on the skin moves lymph from your extremities to your heart and helps reduce swelling in the tissues from a number of causes, including injuries, surgeries, and any "itis" as in arthritis. 

In addition to being therapeutic, the slower gentler aspect of lymphatic massage is extremely relaxing.

​Craniosacral Therapy

​CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. (From the Upledger Institute website)  Using a soft touch which is generally no greater than 5 grams – about the weight of a nickel – practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, and it''s effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction. 

According to Dr. John Upledger, craniosacral therapy is ideally suited for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, headaches, chronic middle ear infection, pain, and general health maintenance. It is recommended for autism, fibromyalgia, heart disease, osteoarthritis, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic sinus infections, and gastroenteritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach or small intestine). It is also used with other therapies to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, back pain, and menstrual irregularity. In addition, other craniosacral practitioners have reported benefits for eye dysfunction, dyslexia, depression, motor coordination difficulties, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), hyperactivity, colic, asthma in babies, floppy baby syndrome, whiplash, cerebral palsy, certain birth defects, and other central nervous system disorders. Whew! That's a lot!
Health Benefits of the Biomat 

As a medical device, the FDA has approved the following statements for the Amethyst Biomat:

1.The temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain stiffness; 
2.The temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis; 
3.The temporary relief of muscle spasms; 
4.Minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular pain; 
5.The relaxation of muscles; 
6.And the temporary increase of local circulation where applied. 

Far Infrared Benefits

1. Improves Circulation & Cardiovascular Function
Far Infrared Rays raise body temperature, warming the blood and expanding the blood vessels. There is an increase in peripheral blood flow and volume, resulting in improved circulation and heart function. 

2. Improves Immune Functions
Far Infrared Ray's (FIR) deep heat raises your body temperature, inducing an artificial and healthy fever. As the body works to combat the fever, your immune system is activated and strengthened, which in turn produces a detoxification of harmful toxins and waste products. With the continual use of the Amethyst Bio mat, your overall health and resistance to disease can be improved greatly. 

3. Relieves Pain
The deep heat of Far Infrared helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscles and soft tissue injuries. Increased blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen rich blood to oxygen depleted muscles, so they may recover faster. 

4. Burns Calories and Controls Weight
As you relax in the gentle heat of the Far Infrared, your body is actually hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood, and burning calories. According to the 8/7/81 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association report, a single 30 minute far infrared session burns as many calories as rowing or jogging for 30 minutes. This can be helpful for disabled persons who are unable to move, as well as those looking to increase metabolism and burn calories via alternative means. 

5. Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
Far Infrared heat therapy is widely used to treat patients suffering from many kinds of arthritis and musculo-skeletal disorders. In addition, it has been proven effective in the treatment of sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and many other musculo-skeletal ailments.
Stiffness, aches, and soreness that come with aging can be reduced or eliminated by using Far Infrared heat therapy (FIR). 

6. Reduces Stress and Fatigue
The gentle warmth of the Far Infrared Rays help to soothe nerves and relax tight or knotted muscles. The end result is reduced stress and improved energy. Receiving massages while on the Biomat can be especially beneficial, as the far infrared heat warms and relaxes the muscles to better receive the healing touch of your practitioner. 

7. Improves Skin
Far Infrared and Negative Ions penetrate the skin deeply, helping to detoxify impurities from the skin and lymph. In addition, exfoliation is greatly enhanced by the far infrared, rapidly removing dead skin cells. Increased circulation draws your skin’s own natural nutrients to the surface, rejuvenating its health and appearance.

8. Removes Bodily Toxins and Assists in Detoxification
Far Infrared helps to detoxify the body in several important ways. Increased blood circulation stimulates the sweat glands and lymph system, releasing built up toxins and waste. Daily sweating can help detoxify your body as it rids itself of an accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid, cholesterol, and uric acid. In addition to sweating, far infrared is capable of mobilizing toxins and acidic waste, allowing for their removal via several other bodily systems. 

Negative Ion Benefits

1. The Truth about “Negative Ions”
Negative ions have a positive effect on people. Positive ions have a negative effect on people. An atom that has one of it's normal, orbiting electrons removed is called a positive ion. An atom with an extra electron added is called a negative ion. A bit confusing, no? It’s a misnomer that we can thank Benjamin Franklin for. Back in his time, electrons (with a "negative" charge) and atoms were not understood correctly. So we're stuck with the 18th century terminology, and that is why the good ions are called "Negative Ions."

2. Blood Alkalization and Blood Purification
When negative ions are applied to the body, the calcium and sodium circulating in the blood are ionized. This changes the blood pH into an alkaline state and has an overall alkalizing effect on the body. The normal pH of human arterial blood is approximately 7.40 (normal range is 7.35 – 7.45), a weak alkaline solution.

Blood that has a pH below 7.35 is considered acidic, while blood pH above 7.45 is alkaline. Proper blood pH is essential for optimal health. It has been noted that the negative ions applied to the body are helpful in regulating pH. 

3. Reviving the Cell
When the amount of negative ions in the blood increases, there is an increase in inter-cellular communication. This occurs as the cell membranes are opened, and cellular metabolism is facilitated. As a result, there is an increase in cellular nutrient uptake and cellular hydration. In addition, cellular waste materials are more efficiently excreted. With the increase in cellular metabolism, optimal cell function is rapidly revived. For more information, research the Nobel Prize in Physiology (1991) for the discovery of the ionic channel. 

4. Diseases Associated with Ion Deficiencies
Indoor environment, city living, auto exhaust, exposure to electronic devices, EMF’s (electro-magnetic fields), and environmental pollution all result in your body's increased exposure to unhealthy "positive" ions. This results in a physiological imbalance, which may have detrimental health consequences. Too few negative ions in our body can cause a number of diseases. Some of the health problems associated with an imbalance of ions in the body include: anemia, allergies, shoulder pain, lumbago, rheumatism, neuralgia, headaches, kidney problems, imbalanced autonomic nervous system function, insomnia, and fatigue. By using the Amethyst Bio mat, your exposure to streams of "negative" ions can aid in creating balance for your body to counteract the unhealthy "positive" ions in your environment.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a combination of stretching and compression typically done fully clothed.

People find it both relaxing and invigorating. 

Lately I have been combining the deep back work with the hip and leg Thai work to help with hip/low back issues.  And adding the neck stretches when neck range of motion is limited.